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"..We're all mad here.."

The Visionary:
Hey there! The names Erin, (Alias Narumi. take your pick) I'm 30-something years old and full of life and laughter. I am many things, A dreamer, Lover of the simple things in life and Tree hugging hippie (but yanno, without the dirty part..ok- the dirty is fun too!) Owned by two beach-ball sized fat tabby cats, an adopted pack of 15 German Shepherds and pond full of Koi.
I take my inspirations from many things and sources; Animals, dreams and worlds unseen, music. The way a dragonfly's wings shimmer in the sun, The sound of trickling water, the kiss of a warm breeze just to name a few.
I love Asian mythos, cultural folklores and you will often see it heavily reflected in my works.

Location, Location, Location:
Born bred and raised on Long Island. Happily residing now in the heart of wine country on the North Fork. Surrounded by trees, farm land, wildlife, beaches and grapes!

Interests and Oddities:
Along with being a Graphic Artist, I like to dabble with anything I can get my hands on- beachglass, driftwood, shells, rocks, clay. I love travel- It's a big world and I want to see it all. Im a certified hollistic healer, A student of Japanese Language (私は日本語を勉強しますでも、私は漢字を嫌っている) and a Yoga nut. I helped rehabilitate raptors (thats birds of prey with sharp talons and pointy beaks) and volunteer at animal shelters. I like summertime, stargazing, studying theology & astrology, collecting stones and crystals, 80's music & techno. Like any good geek; video games.. and above all for YOU to hire me ;) 

Random Stuff and Quirks:
I drink down gallons of tea. Herbal, Rooibos Green. Coffee is in my bloodstream. I like to run around barefoot and feel the grass/water/sand between my toes. I hold my pencil/pen in an unusual way. I see the world through orange tinted lenses. Everything is a possible canvas.

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